Pliers pulling plaque out of artery

See What Heart Disease Looks Like!

Click here to watch this 30 second public service announcement and learn what a high fat diet does INSIDE your arteries. Do you really want your arteries plugged up with this plaque? Your arteries supply nourishment to your brain, heart, kidneys, legs (plus your private parts) and those are the first arteries to plug up.Read More


Origins of Medical Industry Corruption

The Patient Deserves the Facts Coming from an engineering background, I want to know the truth. Nothing but the facts for me! I don’t take sides, until I have discovered the truth. Neither the way I was brought up, nor what I believed up to this moment in time matter. My priority is on beingRead More


Employee Wellness Program Success Story

Benjamin Eksouzian, an employee of Whole Foods Market, took advantage of their employee wellness program and lost much weight and retook control of his life, health and attitude. He also saved his company a lot of healthcare Dollars. Feeling so much better, he is extremely appreciative of this employee benefit. Watch this video to seeRead More