Testimony of Bruce in Corporate Wellness Program

Bruce was a GEICO employee, and his wife, Hillary. This true story (taken from their video) will exemplify the personal benefits of eating properly, which obviously roll off onto work performance.

Bruce weighed about 280, even after unsuccessful dieting programs [36% of Americans are obese]. He had a lack of confidence. He didn’t really want to go out in public and “be seen running around and jiggling everywhere.” Hillary said as she gained weight she had a sense of isolation. She also felt guilty and that it was really her fault. But she couldn’t do anything about it and was VERY frustrated. Sometimes she felt hopeless. When Hillary would get dejected, so would Bruce. He would get depressed and angry. Then she would get angry.

What finally changed was, at his employer, he saw flyers about a weight loss program. She thought if there was some science behind it, and somebody to tell them what was right and wrong, she might as well give it a try.

They were encouraged with the support. The experts came in weekly and provided real help using presentations. They showed Bruce and Hillary and their group the dangers of the path they were going down and expected benefits beyond physical appearance, such as reducing the risk of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. All of the group members supportted each other as well.

As the weeks went by, their pounds were dropping like crazy. After 10 weeks Hillary had lost 30 pounds, and she went shopping for new clothes, which was very exciting. They both felt a lot differently. They had a lot more energy. They worked out ALL the time. They had been sedentary before.

She said there is a lot more sense of control now, including eating, and physical activities. She never felt that before. It was not just in her body, but a sense of control over her whole life. Bruce said there was a difference in attitude too. They were more positive about things. He felt like he could do more in general, both at work and at home. She was really thankful, saying it has really been a blessing to them. Bruce said it has added a lot of years and quality to their lives.

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