See What Heart Disease Looks Like!

Pliers pulling plaque out of artery

Click here to watch this 30 second public service announcement and learn what a high fat diet does INSIDE your arteries. Do you really want your arteries plugged up with this plaque? Your arteries supply nourishment to your brain, heart, kidneys, legs (plus your … [Read more...]

Nat’l Inst. of Health Dir. Recommends Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet


What Is the Proven Way To Treat Coronary Artery Disease? Dr. Bernadine Healy said Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn's focus on the healing powers of nutrition on diseased coronary arteries has now been proven right. [Dr. Esselstyn's proven nutritional approach is a whole-food, … [Read more...]

Proof Of Healing Significant Cardiovascular Illness By Diet


Proof that Plant-Based Nutrition Heals Cardiovascular Illness 200 people with significant cardiovascular illness were scientifically studied over 3.75 years. They were counseled to engage in a whole-food, plant-based nutritional lifestyle. Of the 89.3% that were … [Read more...]

Does a Whole-Food Plant-Based Diet Have Enough Protein?


The Science About Protein Will Astonish You and May Save Your Life! How can a diet comprised entirely of whole, plant-based foods provide sufficient protein? After all, isn't meat almost synonymous with protein? Isn't your body structure built mostly from protein? … [Read more...]

William Clifford Roberts


"Humans are Herbivores" "We get atherosclerosis by eating too much cholesterol and saturated fat. It is our fault, not our parents' fault. Atherosclerosis is very rare in populations with LDL cholesterol levels <70 mg/dL for a lifetime." "Do we want to … [Read more...]