Rice Diet Treats Severe Hypertension, Kidney Disease, Obesity, Heart Disease and Diabetes

red-rice-grain How To Discard Your Medicines and Get Rid of Major Diseases

The Rice Diet by Walter Kempner has been a proven success in treating severe hypertension, kidney disease, obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. This is a summary about more benefits and the diet itself with references.

Frank Neelon, MD, medical director, has worked full time in the Rice Diet program (created by Dr. Walter Kempner) for about 16 years. Below are his comments on the effectiveness of the program. Also, Dr. John McDougall recommends this diet for those who are severely ill.

This non-pharmaceutical, dietary program has been highly successful treating severe malignant hypertension (like 220/120 mmHg range), glomerulonephritis (kidney disease), obesity (43 of 106 massively obese patients returned to normal weight), and intense endocrine problems (like thyroid and diabetes). It often cures type 2 diabetes, resolves eye damage (retinal hemorrhages, diabetic retinopathy and papilledema), atherosclerosis (heart disease, narrowed coronary arteries), angina (chest pains) and enlargement of the heart (heart failure).

Dr. Kempner expanded the program to treat relatively minor illnesses, such as elevated blood pressure, headaches, chronic fatigue, chest pains, peripheral edema, xanthoma, pseudo tumor cerebri, sleep apnea, arthritic symptoms (even before the weight drops) and psoriasis (skin diseases).

Neelon recounts that he observed patients whose pills were thrown away, crutches were thrown away, and wheelchairs were put away and they began to walk. The blind could actually see again. These seemingly miraculous results are not often seen in medicine.

Dr. Kempner used to stop patients’ medicines almost instantly. He was absolutely opposed to them. For type I diabetics, he would decrease the insulin dose, but not stop it. But, virtually every other drug he would stop instantly. And most of the patients did extremely well right away.

This program has been very successful. Dr. Walter Kempner, the founder and full professor at Duke, documented the amazing results with before and after pictures, X-rays, EKGs, eyeground photos, cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, body weight, etc. He was not only a very competent medical doctor, but trained as a scientist. His diet was started after his cellular physiological study of kidneys.

The rice diet is extremely low in sodium and also low in protein and of course fat. Protein places a huge burden on the kidneys. Though the diet is low in protein (about 5% of calories), he has never observed a protein deficiency.

The diet is initially comprised of twice washed, Uncle Ben’s long grain white rice, fruits and fruit juices. After some clinical success (maybe 1-5 months), the diet allows vegetables, grains and small amounts of animals. In recent years they have started offering brown rice and wild rice.

The diet is 70+ years old was associated with Duke University from 1939 until 2002. For decades, this was the only successful treatment in the world for hypertension and kidneys.

Dr. Neelon said, “With chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes and heart disease, medicines will make you a little less sick, if you are lucky, but they will NOT make you well; only YOU can make yourself well. Doctors can’t do it; only the patient can do it.”

A physician competent in diet therapy should follow anyone in need of the Rice Diet.

Dr. Neelon’s comments were taken from his video interview here.

See Dr. John McDougall’s comments about the diet here.

Kitty Rosati (with her husband, Robert) has published several national best selling books on the Rice Diet. See also www.ricediet.com

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