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Girl with cold blowing her nose

How To Avoid Getting a Cold Without Drugs

How To Avoid Getting a Cold Nutritional Yeast to Prevent the Common Cold Here is a simple way to reduce the incidence of common cold infections by 25%. Take a daily dose of baker’s, brewer’s, or nutritional yeast. This boosts your immune system, your body’s defense against invading pathogens, which cause infections. This avoids theRead More

Cooking Classes for Cancer Prevention – 21 Amazing Learnings

Top 21 Amazing Things You Will Learn in my Upcoming Class About Nutrition and Cancer Prevention and How to Cook Accordingly What makes cancer grow fast and spread? How do we know cancer is caused mostly by diet? When Japanese women started eating this way, their cancer risk increased by 900%. What food component areRead More

Pliers pulling plaque out of artery

See What Heart Disease Looks Like!

Click here to watch this 30 second public service announcement and learn what a high fat diet does INSIDE your arteries. Do you really want your arteries plugged up with this plaque? Your arteries supply nourishment to your brain, heart, kidneys, legs (plus your private parts) and those are the first arteries to plug up.Read More

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No Amount of Exercise Will Trim You Down to Ideal Weight!

His 10 to 5 Workout Wasn’t Enough Here is an example of a man who wanted to loose weight, and he worked out from 10 to 5 every day. He still couldn’t get down to the weight he needed for his best athletic performance. Therefore, he had to almost starve himself. Specifically, he said heRead More

Van's Weekly Weight Loss Plotted as Body Mass Index (BMI)

Van’s Weight Loss On a Plant-Based Oil-Free Diet

The Ideal World Diet Close your eyes and dream a minute. Describe the ideal diet. Is this what you would say? You would never feel deprived, and you could snack anytime you want to! You could eat big meals–no portion control! The food would be delicious! There would be no calculations and no books withRead More


Certified as PCRM Food for Life Instructor

I just returned from Washington, DC, after completing training to become a certified Food for Life (FFL) instructor for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM). This was my next milestone after earning my Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition through Cornell University. This Food for Life program is a wonderful way for consumers to learn theRead More


Origins of Medical Industry Corruption

The Patient Deserves the Facts Coming from an engineering background, I want to know the truth. Nothing but the facts for me! I don’t take sides, until I have discovered the truth. Neither the way I was brought up, nor what I believed up to this moment in time matter. My priority is on beingRead More

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Advice on Vegan Eating While On Trips

Restaurants and Eating Out Vegan Across the Country If anyone is traveling the country (USA) and wanting to find good places to eat. you should consider getting the advice of someone who recently did that at length. Contact Skip Stein at or 407-683-6816. Click here for Vegan Road Trip USA