Observed Changes Since I Started My Vegan Diet By Van

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Van H. White, founder

What Are Some Benefits of Eating Vegan?

I started my eating plan of focusing on a varied diet of mostly whole, plant-based foods and minimal to no oils on March 1, 2013. Below are my personal observations recounting my experience. In general, I couldn’t be happier!

My weight dropped from 179 to 142 in 8 months and then leveled off perfectly. Now I am right in the middle of normal BMI (body mass index) guidelines. I used to find it impossible to loose weight by depriving myself, but this time I didn’t try at all and the weight came off automatically. Plus, I lost way more weight than I had even hoped. I had to buy a smaller belt. My sport coat had been too small and buttons pulled tight. Now it is almost too loose.

My thinking ability has become clearer.

My blood total cholesterol dropped 52 points from 183 on 6/23/12 to 131 on 5/23/13.

LDL (bad) cholesterol dropped 56 points from 123 on 6/23/12 to 67 on 6/22/13.

TRG (triglycerides) dropped from 128 on 6/23/12 to 116 on 5/23/13.

TC/HDL ratio dropped from 5.4 on 6/23/12 to 3.4 on 6/22/13.

A1c sugar was 5.4 on 6/22/13.

Blood pressure is now normal at 115/70.

I noticed my knuckle has shrunk and my ring is looser.

My skin is smoother and younger looking.

My overall size and appearance is better. When I get out of the shower, I am satisfied with my appearance.

My shoes fit better.

Once again, I can cross my legs or ankles comfortably.

I can bend over very easily.

Socks aren’t too tight on my legs.

I am no longer addicted to my morning caffeine fix.

I have more energy throughout the day and feel lighter and more confident.

I get great sleep with no more snoring. When I awaken, I feel fantastic!

Intestinally, I am extremely regular now. That has to make my intestines happy.

I used to have those little white marks on my fingernails. They have totally gone away and my nails look perfect.

I only had one sickness during the year. It was a cold that completely disappeared within four days, and I didn’t take any medications or drugs at all.

That concludes my one year status report.

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