John Was 380 Pounds and He Found the Answer To Weight Loss


On Feb 28th 2012 I was 44 years old , weighed in at 380 pounds and had been on Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Medicine for at least the last 15-20 years.I couldn’t walk up the stairs at work without being out of breath and was probably couple of buffet meals away from begin 400 lbs. My Doctor always told me not to worry about my weight  because medicine  can keep you alive.(this is the biggest issue with our medical system today they treat the symptoms but not what is causing it. They want you healthy enough not to die but sick enough that you need to stay on medication your whole life).

john-before-photo That night I found a Documentary on Netflix by Joe Cross called Fat,Sick and Nearly Dead that changed my Life forever. Joe shows his journey on a 60 day juice fast and the amazing results that it had on his health. Joe’s story wasn’t what changed me it was the story of Phil Staples a truck driver he ran into at a truck stop. Phil was way bigger than me and in worse health and he did a 60 day juice fast and lost over 100 pounds and got off most of his medications. After 10 months Phil lost 200 lbs on a mostly plant based diet . After watching this I said to myself If this guy Phil can change why can’t I change also !!

The next day March 1st, I said its time to change ! One of the main points in the movie was we don’t eat a nutrient dense diet, because of this we need to eat more food to get nutrients in. One of the Doctors in the movie was Dr Joel Fuhrman  and he was the one speaking about this nutrient problem we have. So I got his book the next weekend called Eat To Live and then I was off. Another great resource I watched early on was Forks Over Knives.This documentary is amazing and it promotes how eating a plant based diet  will reverse and prevents most diseases.

Dr. Fuhrman  promotes a lifestyle of eating a diet of 40% fruit 40% veggies (half cooked half raw) and don’t worry about the other 20%. The more good stuff you eat the faster your weight will decrease and sickness will go away.  My diet turned into eating a ton of fruits,vegetables,sweat potatoes with some grains and a little bit of meat. This cause the weight to fly off.

After 2 months of eating this way I was down  48 pounds and the thing was I slowly started making that 20 % smaller and smaller.In early April I did a 5 day juice detox. That really got ride of a lot of built up toxins in the body. It took me around 6 months to lose 100 lbs and by the one year mark I made it to 130 lbs lost. After 3 months I was able to come off my blood pressure and cholesterol med (of course my doctor thought it wouldn’t hurt to stay on it longer). john-photo-2

August 2013 I decided to give up eating meat altogether. The only thing I was holding  out on was some cheese and eggs and milk in baked goods. Than Jan 2014 I went all the way and went 100% vegan with my diet after watching the documentary Earthlings.




So that leads me to today (John wrote this on, March 1, 2014) 2 years into the journey that changed my life. I went from 380 to 238 pounds and no more medications. I took up running after I read the incredible story of Rich Roll in his book Finding Ultra than I ran in 5 races and even a half marathon and ran a race in a banana suit. 2 years ago going up the stairs felt like a marathon. 6 months ago I took up yoga now I am able to touch my toes, two years earlier tying my shoes was a chore.  Now I feel the greatest I have in my whole life. All this is only possible for me because I changed my thought process of eating and I gave up the word DIET.

DIETS don’t work its lifestyle change !!

Some of the biggest things you can do to change your “diet” and life: john-photo-4

1)Eat a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet!!!!
2)Limit processed foods
3)Cut out soda(yes Diet soda too, most studies say diet soda makes you add weight )
4)Cut out Dairy (Milk doesn’t do a body good)(I would eat meat again before I touch dairy products)
5)Cutback on meats big time.
6)Get out and exercise .
7)If you are looking for weight loss and health advice look at people who are fit, there are a lot of fat unhealthy people out there giving health advice.



Rock and Roll Half Marathon

My goals for this year.

Get to 200 lbs  and get in the greatest health and shape possible
Write more blog posts … what do you want me to talk about ?
The next one will be about the resource books, video’s etc. I used  to get to this point.

If I can Change anyone Can !!!!!!!!

Thanks to all who helped, motivated and supported me over this last 2 years!!!


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