How To Determine Which Doctors or Researchers to Believe

The following method of determining which doctors or researchers to believe is very important, because the public is confused by contradictory scientific results. This is the way to avoid that confusion and find the truth.

Follow These Doctors or Researchers:

They do scientific investigations independent of industrial or commercial sponsors. And they are not selling anything either.

They use sound, evidence-based science.

Their conclusions agree with results from other respected scientists. That is, their conclusions are not rogue, weird or self-serving.

They had an exceptional compassion and love for their patients that motivated them to look for something outside the norm of traditional treatments shown to have limited or no value.

They sought to find a solution to attack the cause of the disease rather than merely attacking the symptoms.

They had the intellectual honesty, upon seeing the scientific results, to totally reverse their own preconceptions, even though it meant changing their lifestyle from the way they were brought up and away from their personal preferences.

They had the courage to act upon their new-found opinions, despite great opposition from the medical, industrial, and government establishments and probable damage to their career. [This proves their certainty of belief in their position.]

After implementation of their approach, they had astounding positive results with patients.

Subsequent scientific results have corroborated their prior conclusions. For example, Dr. Esselstyn’s 17 patients, some on death’s door, came to him after experiencing 49 cardiac events over eight years. After changing their diet, they had zero cardiac events over the next 12 years, and all lived at least 20 more years.

They have typically gotten their results published in quality, peer-reviewed, scientific journals.

In summary, there is an overwhelming body of, quality scientific results all pointing in nearly the same direction of a proper diet. This is called a preponderance of the evidence.

Plato said, “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”

My friends, the light is now shining brightly on the facts. The majority of the medical establishment, the public, the industry, and the government are afraid of the light and keep their eyes covered by their traditions. There is an old saying that applies to most people, “Don’t confuse me with the facts–my mind is already made up!”

My purpose and the purpose of this website is to shine a light on the facts. People have a right to know the facts. In fact, they should be angry when the facts are deliberately withheld. Then, they have the freedom to implement in the way they choose.

Arrows representing various doctors point toward the center of same conclusion: whole, plant-based diet

Independent Doctors and Researchers Arrived At Nearly the Same Conclusion of a Whole, Plant-based Diet.


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