Four Diverse Cultures Eat Right

centenarians-photo Here are four diverse cultures that exhibit an amazing departure from their peers. All of these center their diet on fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts, and seeds.

Finland, in 1972, had the worst mortality rate in the world, and then started a national initiative of education. In a few years, they were so successful that they enjoyed an 80% drop in cardiac mortality and their life expectancy increased by 7 years!

Some traditional cultures, like in Okinawa, which ate right and had other healthy lifestyle elements, had the largest proportion of centenarians of anywhere in the world.

Similarly, Seventh Day Adventists, because of their diet, have a 7 year longer life expectancy than their California counterparts.

In Norway, during World War II, the death rate from circulatory diseases plummeted, because the Axis powers had confiscated their livestock. After the war, rates went back up as the livestock returned.

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