Why I Founded Answer Is The Food

Learning the Importance of Diet on Health

When I first heard about the extreme importance of diet, I was intrigued and started reading the science voraciously. Soon, I became convinced that this really was true, as unbelievable as it first sounded. My thoughts were this, “If I ever get sick, I will definitely change to this eating plan.”

Changed My Diet After Ten Months of Study

As I continued to research this, I gradually started to implement some of the things I was learning, but still wasn’t willing to make a complete change in my lifestyle. Finally, after ten months of study, my thinking had changed to this, “Why should I wait until I am sick or diseased? After all, 25% of heart attack victims die immediately and don’t have the luxury of changing their diet. I will change today.” That was March 1, 2013.

New Life of Health, Energy and Enthusiasm

Now, a year has passed and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. My clarity of thinking has improved, my weight dropped to the middle of normal range without ever going hungry or feeling deprived, my blood test numbers and blood pressure are all great and I have no medical problems. In the past year, the only sickness I had was a cold and that was gone within four days and I took no medicines for it. My life is characterized by energy and enthusiasm.

Passion for Sharing the Answer

Having found that the answer to people’s problems is the food, I now have a passion for sharing the solution. Having told many of my friends and family, I try to reach out and share with almost everyone I meet. I sincerely want to get the word out, to help suffering folks.

No One Seems To Die of Old Age

Seeing the ubiquity of heart disease, cancer, hypertension, diabetes and obesity concerns me, because I really care about people. Many friends and relatives have died and I can’t think of a single one that died of old age. They mostly died of chronic degenerative diseases, which, I now have learned are largely preventable. Can you think of a single person that truly died of old age?

People Have a Right to the Facts

My passion is unquenchable just by sharing this with friends and people I meet. There is burning desire to share this wealth of information with more people. Folks have a right to know the facts! And, they suffer from fact deficiency!

Confusing and Contradictory Health Information

People are drowning in confusing and contradictory health information. They are overwhelmed and many people give up in confusion. Other people believe the first thing they hear and go down rabbit trails espoused by a prominent voice. Of course, this prominent voice is typically the one backed up by the deep pockets of someone selling pills, potions, juices, foods, herbs, medicines and foods, etc. (I don’t sell anything.)

Doctors Received Less Than Four Hours of Nutrition Education

Also, people still trust their doctors and ask them for advice about nutrition. Doctors want to help people and offer their opinions. Unfortunately, most doctors typically received less than four hours of nutrition training in medical school. Unless they have made a huge personal effort developing a knowledge base, they are extremely ignorant in this field. Fortunately, there are some doctors have done such study and research. Those are the ones that I follow along with some researchers.

Health Researcher, Nutritional Consultant, Health Coach

Therefore, in order to share this secret with more people, I decided I had to start Answer Is The Food. In this ministry, obviously I study to stay up to date on the latest research in nutrition and its effect on health and diseases. Then, as a nutritional consultant, I provide employee educational programs for corporations to help employees get healthy and more productive. Of course, organizations seek for ways to slash healthcare costs while improving productivity and morale. These companies have a true concern for the well being of their workforce. Further, I provide health coaching to individuals that want to take control of their lives and get their health back by implementing this vital, life-saving information.

Blog With Evidence-based Nutritional Facts

The purpose of this blog is to share unbiased, evidence-based, nutritional facts with a multitude of people who I will never have the privilege of meeting in person. People need the facts. Then, they deserve the freedom to make their own decision about whether and how to implement those facts.

Answer To Exploding Healthcare Costs Is the Food

It is patently obvious that healthcare costs, not to mention the underlying human suffering and early debilitation, will become the death of our nation. This is a far more significant problem than was smoking in the 1950’s. My friends, the answer is the food! Subscribe to my newsletter to keep up to date with the latest scientific, unbiased results.

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  1. says

    Hi Van,
    You may remember me; I’m Jack’s wife. Jack shared with me your new passion…..as he knows how strongly I feel about healing with food. Will read your past posts and look forward to getting the updates.

    Best wishes with this oh-so-important venture!


    • says

      Hi Diane,
      Yes, I well remember you! Thanks for writing. There is so much I want to post. I don’t know where to start. Diane, if you have certain topics/illnesses, diets, or foods that you think would be interesting, I may work on researching those first, though I can’t promise.
      I found out today that apple peelings are valuable for slowing the growth (proliferation) of cancer tumors and slowing angiogenesis (the process for creation of blood vessels that potentially supply blood to cancer cell groups). If cancer cell groups don’t gain a blood vessel, they cannot grow any larger than the ball at the tip of a ballpoint pen. That small size is clearly non-hazardous. Researchers also found out that almost everyone by age 70 has these tiny, pre-cancerous growths in their thyroid. If these growths get a blood vessel, they will then grow and likely become a serious tumor. Therefore, it is important to stop angiogenesis. Don’t peel your apples! If you do, then grind up the peelings and put them into the recipe anyway!


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