Essential Tremor in Men Is Caused By Meat

raw-meat-steak Researchers looked into meat consumption and essential tremor (ET), one of the most common neurological conditions.

What Is The Cause of Essential Tremor?

Now, at least for men, we seem to have a pretty good idea of the cause. Men eating the most meat in this study had 21 times the odds of having essential tremor. These are powerful odds. The odds of a pack-a-day smoker for 20 years in getting lung cancer are only 13 times those of non-smokers.
For each additional 10 grams/day of meat consumed, the odds of ET increased by 6%. (20 grams/day increased the odds by 12%, etc.) That is like one strip of bacon. Or, one chicken breast a day will double your risk of developing ET.  Click for Dr. Michael Greger’s “Muscle Tremors & Diet

Results From the Essential Tremor Study

The study worded it basically like this: Essential Tremor (ET) cases and controls were stratified into quartiles of total current meat consumption. The odds of ET males were 21 times higher than those of the other males of being in the highest quartile of total current meat consumption, after adjusting for age, education, body mass index and current smoking.

What Chemical Is Involved?

Harmane, a heterocyclic amine, is a tremor-producing neurotoxin. Blood harmane concentrations are elevated in essential tremor (ET) patients. One potential mechanism is increased dietary harmane (especially through well-cooked meat). Long meat cooking times increase the concentration of harmane. We know these cooked muscle chemicals are neurotoxic.
Click for the article from Neuroepidemiology. May 2008; 30(3): 161–166.


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