Cooking Classes for Cancer Prevention – 21 Amazing Learnings

Top 21 Amazing Things You Will Learn in my Upcoming Class About Nutrition and Cancer Prevention and How to Cook Accordingly

Food for Life Logo and Four New Food Groups

  • What makes cancer grow fast and spread?
  • How do we know cancer is caused mostly by diet?
  • When Japanese women started eating this way, their cancer risk increased by 900%.
  • What food component are 97% of us deficient in, which greatly lessens cancer risk?
  • What food component can we eat 14 grams more of per day and it cuts caloric consumption by 10% automatically?
  • What nutrient increases our risk of dying of cancer by about 40-60%?
  • What is one of the most important things a person can do to avoid cancer or recurrence of cancer?
  • Studies showed that men eating a certain everyday food had 34 to 60% higher risk of prostate cancer.
  • Men eating 2 to 10 servings of this food weekly cut prostate cancer risk by 23 to 35%.
  • Just two servings daily of this popular food makes breast, prostate and ovarian cancers grow like crazy.
  • A Hong Kong man with prostate cancer is 8 times more likely to survive. Why?
  • What popular food triggers arthritis, allergies and Type 1 diabetes in some people?
  • What are six things you can do to improve bone health (The first item on your list is wrong).
  • Eating this grilled food causes cancer, esp. colon cancer.
  • Colon cancer is 3 times as likely for anyone eating this common food daily per Harvard.
  • What bad molecules cause the skin to wrinkle?  How do we defend ourselves?
  • Prevent DNA damage and cancers and enhance immunity from viruses and bacteria by eating three food groups.
  • Canadian women with breast cancer doubled their survival odds by eating what food group?
  • Natural Killer Cells are your Navy Seal Team fighters. What diet pattern doubled their activity?
  • Your cancer diet also helps you loose 1 pound per week, treat heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and complexion.
  • Has anyone told you what to eat to avoid menstrual cramps, headaches, crummy feeling, and how to have fewer days of pain, and how to lessen pain severity, water retention, bloating and irritability of PMS?

This course lecture is taught by the world renowned Dr. Neal Barnard, founder and president of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine ( in Washington, DC, via DVD. Cooking will be live and by me. All attendees will taste the dishes and be given various handouts like the recipes. A Cancer survival book may be purchased. See details of the class on both PCRM’s website (click here) and my website (click here).

Class starts on July 28th at 6 PM in Newport News, VA, and continues for 3 additional Mondays. Each class is different and part of the package course.

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