Certified as PCRM Food for Life Instructor


Van White’s Certificate of Completion with PCRM Food for Life

I just returned from Washington, DC, after completing training to become a certified Food for Life (FFL) instructor for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM). This was my next milestone after earning my Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition through Cornell University.

This Food for Life program is a wonderful way for consumers to learn the truth about nutrition. They learn how eating properly will vastly and quickly benefit their health. It will also prevent most chronic diseases and often treat and, amazingly, even sometimes reverse diseases, including heart disease, cancer, and Type II diabetes!

The body really wants to cure itself if you just provide the nutritional and other lifestyle tools it needs. This FFL program is 100% evidence-based. That means it is based totally on the scientific results from many research studies.


Food For Life Training Class by PCRM June 2014

The public is often confused because they hear conflicting reports, such as low carb versus high carb, and low fat versus high fat, etc. Most often the public hears scientific results spun by organizations selling some product. Or, they hear some sensationalized news media story, spun to attract readers or viewers. However, this program is based upon the preponderance of the evidence from the majority of the science, all published in peer-reviewed scientific journals by many different researchers from many organizations. The evidence for this is now even more dependable than the evidence linking smoking with lung cancer.

There was a very competitive application process to get accepted into this program to become an FFL instructor. Only a small percentage of applicants were accepted. My co-students included folks from all over the country as well as people from Germany, UK, Canada, and Australia. There was only one other person from Virginia.

I was able to meet Dr. Neal Barnard, the president and founder of PCRM.

Neal Barnard with Van H. White at FFL Training

Neal Barnard with Van H. White at FFL Training

I had already been very impressed by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM). However, after participating in the training, receiving the beautiful materials and meeting the dedicated and highly intelligent staff, I was even more impressed. PCRM is a first-class organization worthy of your support. I am glad that I made the decision to join the team of instructors. I want to spread the word that plants are indeed the answer. Truly, the Answer Is The Food!


Van White at Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

PCRM is a non-profit organization staffed by doctors, nurses, registered dieticians and other health professionals. Again, this FFL program relates only the evidence-based, scientific results about nutrition. Their food recommendations are neither based on any political spin, nor some theory about how the body may work. PCRM is not selling pills, potions, or foods, but just trying to educate the public with the facts on what foods to eat and how to prepare them. Consumers can obtain healthy foods from their private gardens, local farmers, or the produce section of their supermarket.

Now, consumers can take back control of their health and happiness, and they can become productive employees. Also, they can save an enormous amount of money on health issues and avoid most of the pain, suffering and hardships that illnesses and diseases bring. What an exciting option is now available through the Food for Life program!

Contact me to learn about the various courses (weight loss, cancer prevention, diabetes, kids health, and corporate wellness) that your employees or other group can participate in. Or, contact me for private health coaching.




  1. Sahrah says

    Van, this is awesome!! I am so happy to see you already actively spreading the word about FFL and PCRM. Your site is very informative. I’ll be checking in from time to time for inspiration and confirmation! I can’t wait to get going. Thanks for putting a little fire under me!

    • says

      Sahrah, Thanks for your comment. People need the facts so they can make the best decision for their lives. It usually takes time for people to get convinced and then make a change. It took me ten months, since I was so hard to convince and motivate. My hat is off to those people that can make a quicker decision and get on with their healthy life sooner.

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