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Dear CEO,

Most likely you will be intrigued to hear what can be done to solve two prevalent problems. First, your workforce is your most valuable asset, yet some folks undoubtedly need to be enhanced in health, morale and productivity. Second, skyrocketing healthcare costs are likely a major concern that you don’t know how to address without offloading costs to employees, which hurts morale. Helping you with these concerns is my expertise. I do not sell anything: neither pills, nor potions, nor foods, nor insurance. People do not get sick from a deficiency of a pill! (But many do get sick from taking pills.)

First, let me start with the testimony of Bruce, a GEICO employee, and his wife, Hillary. This true story (taken from their video) will exemplify the personal benefits, which obviously roll off onto work performance.

Bruce weighed about 280, even after unsuccessful dieting programs [36% of Americans are obese]. He had a lack of confidence. He didn’t really want to go out in public and “be seen running around and jiggling everywhere.” Hillary said as she gained weight she had a sense of isolation. She also felt guilty and that it was really her fault. But she couldn’t do anything about it and was VERY frustrated. Sometimes she felt hopeless. When Hillary would get dejected, so would Bruce. He would get depressed and angry. Then she would get angry.

What finally changed was, at his employer, he saw flyers about a weight loss program. She thought if there was some science behind it, and somebody to tell them what was right and wrong, she might as well give it a try.

They were encouraged with the support. The experts came in weekly and provided real help using presentations. They showed Bruce and Hillary and their group the dangers of the path they were going down and expected benefits beyond physical appearance, such as reducing the risk of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. All of the group members supported each other as well.

As the weeks went by, their pounds were dropping like crazy. After 10 weeks Hillary had lost 30 pounds, and she went shopping for new clothes, which was very exciting. They both felt a lot differently. They had a lot more energy. They worked out ALL the time. They had been sedentary before.

She said there is a lot more sense of control now, including eating, and physical activities. She never felt that before. It was not just in her body, but a sense of control over her whole life. Bruce said there was a difference in attitude too. They were more positive about things. He felt like he could do more in general, both at work and at home. She was really thankful, saying it has really been a blessing to them. Bruce said it has added a lot of years and quality to their lives.

So you see how this young couple’s lives at home and work had been enhanced as they were committed to the new lifestyle. If their employer had not provided them the opportunity, encouraged and trained them, it never would have happened.

Second, the cost of healthcare is an area where tremendous strides can be made. Average healthcare insurance premiums for a family are $16,351. Consider the following sample savings from instituting the program that I will propose. I am told that Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Minnesota realized participants savings of 44% after such a program. People with diagnosed diabetes incur average medical expenditures of about $13,700 per year. Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting costs at least $37,089 in this area and a cardiac stent costs $19,212. Prostate Removal costs $11,076. Making a sickly employee healthy so they don’t take sick days will save you in many ways and make them happier. These medical problems are typically unnecessary and many times reversed when patients take their diet and lifestyle seriously. That will only happen when they have been educated and motivated to make changes.

As I studied nutrition and health I came to realize that proper eating helps all of the bodily systems and organs. This is because a person is getting the proper nutrients and oxygen into the blood, the blood is flowing plentifully feeding the cells, and waste products are being removed. Therefore, eating right, along with other lifestyle improvements, will give the body the chance to heal itself from all chronic degenerative diseases and maintain a healthy state.

Finland, in 1972, had the worst mortality rate in the world, and then started a national initiative of education. In a few years, they were so successful that they enjoyed an 80% drop in cardiac mortality and their life expectancy increased by 7 years! Some traditional cultures, like in Okinawa, which ate right and had other healthy lifestyle elements, had the largest proportion of centenarians of anywhere in the world. Similarly, Seventh Day Adventists, because of their diet, have a 7 year longer life expectancy than their California counterparts. In Norway, during World War II, the death rate from circulatory diseases plummeted, because the Axis powers had confiscated their livestock. After the war rates went back up.

The China Study revealed amazing statistics like, esophagus cancer rates varied among Chinese counties from 1 to 435 per 100,000. Breast cancer rates were as low as 0 per 100,000, not at all like we see here in the states! Obviously, there was some lifestyle factor, since these people have the same genetics. But when those genetically similar people moved to the big cities and started eating a modern Westernized diet, their diseases exploded to equal other city dwellers. Chronic diseases are not typically caused by genetics!

I have studied this for 22 months straight and, the more I have learned, the more I have become passionate about getting the word out to as many people as possible. Seeing the plight of most Americans is a real burden on my heart, so much so that I have put my career on hold to start educating people.

I am proposing that we meet to scope out a nutritional program, customized for volunteers from among your people. The reason I am approaching you is that this program has been shown to be highly successful when it is strongly endorsed from the top leadership. Not everyone will want to do this program, but everyone deserves the right to have the facts. Then those that want to take control of their lives will know how and be supported. Then your organization may reap the two benefits I described above. Please call me. (Remember, I am not selling anything.) I want to offer my help to your folks.

Best Regards,

Van White

Owner, health researcher and educator
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