Cooking Classes for Cancer Prevention – 21 Amazing Learnings

Top 21 Amazing Things You Will Learn in my Upcoming Class About Nutrition and Cancer Prevention and How to Cook Accordingly What makes cancer grow fast and spread? How do we know cancer is caused mostly by diet? When Japanese women started eating this way, … [Read more...]

No Amount of Exercise Will Trim You Down to Ideal Weight!

Carl Lewis photo

His 10 to 5 Workout Wasn't Enough Here is an example of a man who wanted to loose weight, and he worked out from 10 to 5 every day. He still couldn't get down to the weight he needed for his best athletic performance. Therefore, he had to almost starve himself. … [Read more...]

CEOs Want To Help Employees’ Health and Reduce Healthcare Costs

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  CEOs have a strong concern for their employees' health, morale and productivity, and their corporate healthcare costs. My primary service is to companies to help in these areas. Click here to read my introductory letter to CEOs. … [Read more...]

Van H. White, owner of Answer Is The Food

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Van H. White, owner of Answer Is The Food, is a health researcher, health coach and nutritional consultant. He is passionate about helping people regain control of their lives and avoid chronic, degenerative diseases. Click to read the page about the founder. … [Read more...]

Testimony of Bruce in Corporate Wellness Program

Bruce was a GEICO employee, and his wife, Hillary. This true story (taken from their video) will exemplify the personal benefits of eating properly, which obviously roll off onto work performance. Bruce weighed about 280, even after unsuccessful dieting programs … [Read more...]