Personal Story: Henry Stein, Recovering from Prostate Cancer by Changing His Diet


Prostate Cancer Diagnosis I was a typical 64-year-old man who ate the Standard American Diet (SAD), and I didn't think I was particularly at risk for prostate cancer, even though my father had died from it. During a routine checkup, my urologist suggested a biopsy … [Read more...]

Diabetes Curse Can Be Escaped!

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Risk-free, Side-effect free, Cost-free Type 2 Diabetes Cure The diabetes epidemic is the seventh leading killer in America. One in three young people will eventually suffer from diabetes. It is generally known that diabetes is related to too much sugar (glucose) in … [Read more...]

Chronic Diseases Are Not Typically Caused By Genes


The China Study revealed amazing statistics like, esophagus cancer rates varied among Chinese counties from 1 to 435 per 100,000. Breast cancer rates were as low as 0 per 100,000, not at all like we see here in the States! Obviously, there was some lifestyle factor, … [Read more...]