Benjamin Rush Observed It Is Better to Eat Less Meat in 1776

Dr. Benjamin Rush photo

Dr. Benjamin Rush

Dr. Benjamin Rush in 1776 compared native Americans with English settlers:

How Did The Indians Eat To Be Healthy and Live Longer?

“In them (the Native Americans) the old proverb may well be verified: Natura paucis contenta—nature is satisfied with little—for though this be their daily portion, they still are healthy and lusty…they grow so proportionable and continue so long in their vigor—most of them being fifty before a wrinkled brow or gray hair betray their age…”

How Did the English Settlers Eat to Be Sick and Die Sooner?

“The diet of the inhabitants of Philadelphia, during those years, consisted chiefly of animal food.  It was eaten, in some families, three times, and in all, twice a day…Death was…common between the 50th and 60th years of life from gout, apoplexy, palsy, obstructed livers and dropsies.”

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