No Amount of Exercise Will Trim You Down to Ideal Weight!

Carl Lewis photo

His 10 to 5 Workout Wasn’t Enough

Here is an example of a man who wanted to loose weight, and he worked out from 10 to 5 every day. He still couldn’t get down to the weight he needed for his best athletic performance. Therefore, he had to almost starve himself. Specifically, he said he had to skip breakfast and lunch four days a week! His name? Carl Lewis.

Carl Lewis won 9 Olympic gold medals, and 10 World championships, making him the fastest man alive. He topped the world records in 100 m (9.86 seconds) and 200 m (19.75 seconds) and long jump (29 ft 2 3/4 inch). He was voted sportsman of the century by the International Olympic Committee. He was named Olympian of the Century by Sports Illustrated magazine.

The Answer Was the Food!

Then, he found the solution! With this, he could eat all his meals and not have to starve himself. His answer was to eat plants only, that is, a healthy vegan diet. The amazing thing is that, although he was of retirement age, on a vegan diet his performance improved even more! He attributes his best performances to when he started a vegan diet.

This is only anecdotal evidence, but how often have you heard people say they need to work out at the gym to loose some extra pounds? I recall  a research study with the same conclusion. If you know of the reference to this study, please leave a comment. Thanks.

On a separate post, I talked about my weight loss and it was achieved 100 percent without using physical activity. Of course, physical activity is one important facet of a totally healthy lifestyle. Just don’t count on that to shed your unwanted pounds.

Weight Loss Classes

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P.S. If you want to hear Carl Lewis’s story from his own lips, listen to his 1993 radio interview here.

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